“Attitude reflects leadership, captain.” – Remember the Titans

This quote may be from a movie about a high school football team but it can flow into many other areas of life…business imparticular.   If your leader (CEO) is always blaming someone or something for why the company isn’t performing better – economy, government, etc. – then everyone below him/her is going to do the same.   Truth be told, the world is still spinning – individuals and businesses are still buying and, believe it or not, there are some companies that are growing.    How is this you ask?   It’s because of the attitude of the leader.   That individual refuses to let outside factors be the scapegoat for poor performance.

What if everyone in your company had an attitude similar to Julius Campbell in the movie  “I’m going to look out for me and I’m going to get mine”?   What kind of a work environment would that produce?   My guess is a pretty hostile one.   But, if you’ve seen the movie you know, when everyone works together, like the Titans, they acheive greatness, even perfection.

If you are a leader, be aware that your attitude trickles down to those under you.   If you set an example of negativity, everyone will follow.   Conversely, if you set positive example and exude a prosperous attitude, your employees will as well.