From all of us at David M. Muldowney, Jr., CPA to all of you, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

With the New Year inevitably comes resolutions.   And, unavoidably, most end just as fast (just look at health club attendance between the first week of January and the last week of February).   Believe it or not, New Year’s resolutions are big business.   Performing a Google search of “Top New Year’s resolutions” returned 148 million results including top resolutions for almost every industry imaginable – celebrity resolutions, over 50, small business owners, writers, pet owners, veterinarian, etc., etc.   I even saw one for “My Top New Year Resolutions as an Online Teacher for 2012”.

However you shake it though, a resolution is just a goal.   Wikipedia’s definition states “A New Year’s resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to one or more lasting personal goals…”  (’s_resolution)   When talking about goals, we are often taught that they need to be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely (

So as you set your New Year’s resolutions, I encourage you to be SMART about it.  Most importantly, whatever they maybe, stick with it!   You’ll feel much better about yourself when you do.