If you receive our Tax Tip of the Week each Monday at 1 pm, you should know by now that our website has undergone a facelift and the new version is now live.   If you don’t receive our Tax Tip of the Week each Monday at 1 pm, you now know that our website has undergone a facelift, is now live, AND has a place for you to sign up to receive our Tax Tip of the Week sent each Monday at 1 pm.

If you receive our Tax Tip of the Week, you know that my first resolution of the New Year is to blog more.  We’re 3 weeks into the New Year and this is my 3rd post so I think I’m keeping up with that resolution thus far.   My 2nd resolution is to constantly put out information that I think you’ll find helpful.  Whether it is via a retweet on Twitter, the sharing of an article on LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter, or additional content shared via email, please follow us on social media and encourage your friends/family to do the same.   As you know, the tax laws keep changing, the markets keep fluctuating, and more information is available to make more informed decisions.

In addition to being able to sign up to receive our Tax Tip of the Week, there is a plethora of information available – additional tax tips (individual, business, and financial), financial calculators, record keeping guides, access to IRS forms, due date reminders, and so much more.   You can even track your refund from another link on our website.   If that’s not enough, you are able to request an appointment from the site and create your entity via our affiliation with MyCorporation

As you can see, we’ve made sure that our site provides information that is helpful in navigating the business, tax, and financial world.   While you are browsing our site, if you don’t find information that you are looking for, there is also a place to send a message.  Please do so and provide any feedback or ask any questions that may come to mind.