Everyone is looking for ways to be more productive.   For many, the answer to better productivity lies in your surroundings…on your desk that is.   I’m amazed at the number of clients’ desks that I’ve sat at and looked for a standard office supply that, at my desk is right within reach, only to find it somewhere it shouldn’t be – a stapler shoved in a drawer; paper clips tangled up with rubber bands (if on the desk at all); or the keyboard taking up major real estate on the desk top leaving very little room to work.   The time it takes to retrieve the stapler or untangle the paper clips could be time spent completing the next task on your “To Do” list.

We recently brought on another staff member.  Doing so required additional office furniture so I was the lucky one to get a new workstation and reconfigure the layout of my office.   Once the new furniture arrived, I was tasked with the arduous process of putting everything back where it belongs.   As I got accustomed to my new layout, I was constantly changing the location of the different desktop office supplies to comply with my daily tasks.

While it may seem like a very trivial topic, saving 15 seconds every time you have to staple something or 30 seconds whenever you need a paperclip (not to mention the frustration of having to separate them) all adds up and could be the difference between getting that extra task accomplished or putting it off till tomorrow.