Situation: April 15th has come and gone.  The question inevitably comes up, “So what do you do now?  You’re on vacation for the next 9 months, right?”   Most of these comments are said in jest, and we know that.   However, some people truly may not know what accountants do for the remainder of the year as they may only come in contact with theirs for the preparation of their individual income tax return.   Well, here are a list of due dates, as they stand now, that we have to contend with:

  • March 15th – Calendar year-end Corporate returns
  • April 15th – Individuals and partnership returns
  • May 15th – Calendar year-end Non Profit returns
  • August 15th – Non Profit 1st extension
  • September 15th – Calendar year-end corporate and partnership extensions
  • October 15th – Individual extensions
  • November 15th – Non Profit 2nd (final) extensions

Add to that non-calendar year end corporate returns (15th day of the 3rd month following year-end), non-profits (15th day of the 5th month following year-end), and payroll tax returns (quarterly) and we are busy just with returns all year long.

So, the next time you want to rip into your accountant about taking 9 months off after April 15th, think again.